10 inch Red Heart Round Nunchaku


Red Heart Speed Chuck
10″ Round
Approx: 7.5 oz
650 para-cord, Dragonfly
Made in USA

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10 inch Red Heart Nunchaku

A short round nunchaku made from the brilliant red heart hardwood.  Our 10 inch Red Heart Round Nunchaku  is made of top grade  imported red heart hardwood.  These are constructed to be durable, cut resistant, and remarkably stiff, which allow martial artists to master techniques, footwork, and the basic stances.  USA Nunchaku’s 10 inch Red Heart Round Nunchaku is made from Red Heart. These 10 inch Red Heart Round Nunchaku are all handmade, shaped, oiled, sanded and strung.  Like all of our nunchaku the Red Heart Speed Chuck Nunchaku is one of kind made one at a time.   All are 100% made, sold and shipped in the United States.

Pro-strung 3 rope US 650 para-cord, 4″ length, no glue, hidden knotsee stringing rope length

Traditional Nunchaku Design

Unlike mass produced martial arts weapons made overseas, we designed our Red Heart Speed Chuck to be easy to hold, not get sticky and give you confidence as you practice your forms.  Originally the nunchaku was designed from farming tools in China.  Occupied Chinese were not allowed to have weapons and a whole range of new weapons sprung from the tools at hand.  Our nunchaku are not mass produced, each one is made one at a time.  We use exotic hardwoods and try to get every inch of wood used in our product.  Some of these woods are hard to find in usable sizes so we take great care to get the most out of each piece.  The 10 inch Red Heart Round Nunchaku design is to last and be durable.  We take out the least amounts of wood to keep them strong and use rope that will only fill the voids to make them easy to repair.  This model uses a  650 para cord tie with three ropes in between the nunchaku. We have re string kits available as well as instruction as to how to re string our nunchaku when it becomes necessary.

SPECS: 10 inch Red Heart Round Nunchaku

  • Diameter: 1&1/16″round
  • Rope Length: approx 4″  see stringing rope lengths
  • Rope Color: dragon fly
  • Overall Length: 10″
  • Weight approx 7.5 oz.
  • Batch: Summer 2018
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Additional information

Weight7.5 oz
Dimensions10 × 1 × 1 in
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