Cocobolo Nunchaku Aut18-009


Cocobolo Nunchaku
Approx: 16 oz
6 link Chain 
Made in USA

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Cocobolo Nunchaku Aut18-009

This one is a tapered Cocobolo Chain linked Nunchaku.   The length is 12 inches of beautiful hard to find cocobolo hardwood.  This wood is likely to disappear at some point in the future so get your now before it’s too late.  Like all the Cocobolo, this is one of our “one of kind” 1 0f 1 Nunchaku.  Cocobolo Nunchaku Aut18-009 All our Cocobolo nunchaku are generally listed as one of a kind due to the grains in the wood, we like to sell you the one you see.  This is a 12 inch tapered 6 link chain nunchaku.

The U swivel

We have been making nunchaku by hand for 20 years.  In that time the number one request has always been handmade chain linked nunchaku.  To do it right, we had to go back in time and skip the cheap imported barely metal versions of this classic martial arts weapon.  The wood is the same handmade South American Cocobolo that we use in the roped version. We are proud to present our Cocobolo Nunchaku Aut18-009  U Swivel Nunchaku.  Just like our woods, the metal and all the parts are 100% American made.  It’s tried and true design that gives smooth flow to the nunchaku.

Exotic Hardwoods

These training weapons are made of top grade Cocobolo . These are constructed to be durable, cut resistant, and remarkably stiff, which allow martial artists to master techniques, footwork, and the basic stances.  USA Nunchaku’s 12″ Cocobolo Nunchaku Aut18-009  are made from cocobolo hardwood.  These nunchaku are all are handmade, shaped, oiled, sanded and strung.  Like all of our nunchaku each of one of kind.  With the cocobolo each weapon you see is the exact one you will receive.  100% made in the United States.

SPECS: Cocobolo Nunchaku Summer18-0029

  • Diameter: Tapered
  • Chain: 6 link  375 lb welded chain 
  • Overall Length: 12″
  • Weight: 16oz
  • Batch: 2018 Summer

Traditional Nunchaku Design

Unlike mass produced martial arts weapons made overseas, we designed our Cocobolo Nunchaku Aut18-009 to be easy to hold, not get sticky and give you confidence as you practice your forms.  Originally the nunchaku was designed from farming tools in China.  Occupied Chinese were not allowed to have weapons and a whole range of new weapons sprung from the tools at hand.  Our nunchaku are not mass produced, each one is made one at a time.  We use exotic hardwoods and try to get every inch of wood used in our product.  Some of these woods are hard to find in usable sizes so we take great care to get the most out of each piece.  The design is to last and be durable.  We take out the least amounts of wood to keep them strong and use rope that will only fill the voids to make them easy to repair.

  • Realistically practice self-defense, martial art forms and demonstrations with the feel and maneuverability of real weapons
  • Unlike polypropylene, wood feels great allowing martial artists to practice as much as they like
  • Octagon-shaped grip for a more realistic experience
  • heavyweight and durable

If you need an item for a special event or have any questions before ordering please feel free to use our contact page to get an estimate on shipping time or answer any questions.

For more information about our nunchaku and us check about us  Also check out the history of nunchaku to get more information about it’s role is martial arts as well as how to care for your nunchaku.  Always check your local laws in regards nunchaku and their use as well as our terms and conditions.

If an item becomes Back ordered

Since we make all our nunchaku by hand, back ordered for us means that the wood has not been cut yet.  This normally adds from 2-5 days to the time before an item can ship out.  For more information about shipping please see our shipping page for details.  

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 12 × 1.125 × 1.125 in


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