Message Body: Hello, I wanted to thank you for the ash nunchucku that I received this past week. They are exactly what I have been looking for. Solid work my friend. I was also happy to see that you are from lemoyne Pa. My wife and I are from Mechanicsburg and we actually met and … Read more…

B. Galios

This nunchaku are not too heavy, but a perfect solid feel.

Stephen H.

Christmas Present my son will be receiving the pair of 12″ Canadian Ash Nunchaku, i’m certain that he will be pleased with his present. thank you.


These are great for the price!! They are very Beefy. Once again, I love the character each piece has. usanunchaku.com brings the saying, “made in the USA” back to life!!! What I like about the chux is that each one had it’s very own character and not that robot machined look. These things are at … Read more…


A Beautiful thing¬† 12/22/13 I have already made a review on a pair of Canadian Ash. I purchased another pair, because I wanted to have a matching pair when I work with doubles. But, I will say again that these nunchaku are a thing of beauty. They show so much character. I don’t think that … Read more…

Gillian M.

Very prompt delivery. Loved the little note that shared the energy (music and wood) that was put into making these nunchaku. Totally authentic! Right on!

Robert Reger

Excellent customer service made up for a small misunderstanding two-fold. Nunchaku came quick and were of very high quality, well made and well balanced. Very pleased and highly satisfied!