Nunchaku rope lengths

Nunchaku Rope Lengths

The nunchaku we make come to you pre strung.  We do this because we understand how frustrating it is to have to string them yourself.  Even my teachers will ask me to string up their nunchaku in lieu of them trying because I do it so often.  This service is done as a bonus for the customer, but not being able to size up each martial artists needs, we string our nunchaku in one fashion.  

Our nuncahku are strung with 500 lb  test paracord.  The rope length of a nunchaku is determined by the martial art style.  Our default style is Chinese northern style White Dragon boxing kung fu.  This style has many forms that require strikes and control methods to lock joints and break bone.  The standard rope length is three finger lengths plus a few cm.  Depending on the size of the person, the length on the nunchaku itself and the weight of the wood, this size maybe need to be adjusted after you get used to them. Please note, if you are used to chain linked nunchaku, chains require much more length to work as opposed to rope..This does not mean that you can not restring them to your own needs.

In addition to the size of the nunchaku themselves and the length of the rope, another element must be taken into consideration: the weight.

Indeed, the weight is very important and must be selected according to the type use you want to have with your Nunchaku:

Between 50 and 100 grams: for these lightweights, a very short rope must be used (less than 6 cm), because if not, the Nunchaku will be quite hard to handle. This is the weight of the Pro Chux.

Between 100 and 230 grams: this is the standard weight for common Nunchakus, this is appropriate for any kind of use.

More than 230 grams: they are the weights used for combat Nunchakus, they have a great destruction capability but this is harder to make artistic things correctly, except for Nunchakus having a long rope (more than 14 cm).

More than 600 grams: whatever the length of the rope is, these weights are only made for combat.

All USA Nuncahku are combat weight.  Please take care to start slow and get used to how they flow.  These are not plastic or foam toys, they are the real deal.

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