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American Handmade Nunchaku

USA Nunchaku is not a warehouse in China, or a large manufacturing factory.  American made Nunchaku is all we do. USA Nunchaku Co. is a small American company making handmade nunchaku from 100% American materials in our small workshop. We make handmade nunchaku in different shapes and sizes in small batches, each featuring a selection of various hardwoods.  While they do cost a bit more than a $9 Chinese “chuck in a bag”, our nunchaku are Handmade and each one of a kind.

The idea we have been running with since 1997 was to create a martial arts nunchaku is was not some cookie cutter mass produced item.  We wanted to make something that has some character to it to complement the user whether it be a martial arts master or just a regular person who wanted to study spinning the nunchaku.
Every martial artist starts out and after bit of training starts to look for weapons. When this time happened for us, we was less then pleased with the standard issue chuck in bag, “Unstrung” nunchaku.
Human beings alone have the ability to place special value in objects. This is called personification or anthropomorphism. An example of this is a rabbits foot or a favorite shirt, a lucky cup. objects take on personality’s of their own. martial artist make connections with their weapons and we provide a weapon worthy of that notion. We like to think we provide that special quality by making handmade Chinese nunchaku 100% fashioned in the united states. Every nunchaku is one of a kind. The piece you see is the piece you get. All hand cut from natural hardwoods, never stained, never mass produced.
Every person has a story, our nunchaku’s do too. The birth of the weapon from raw wood is recorded for each batch. I fashion them much like the swordsmith has ritual and purpose as the weapon is created. It’s very pairing with a person may some day bring gifts I’m writing the words right now no one could see.

Oiled and drying...
Oiled and drying…

Have a look at our different batches, and select your one of a kind Chinese nunchaku. You will not regret it, but if you must, waste the $9 on the standard issue and we I’ll be happy to pair you with a weapon you will have forever.

We made one of a kind items. Once it’s sold, that’s it. There are no others exactly like it.  The one you see is the one you buy.  These are professional martial arts training tools.  Make sure you know what you are buying.  This is not ebay or esty.  Because these are one of a kind items, all sales are final and refunds are only issued in the case of a shipping accident or damage from shipping.

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