Caring for Your Nunchaku

Cocobolo Nunchaku 2020-065

Like any martial arts weapon Caring for Your Nunchaku will be important. While our nunchaku are made by hand and of real hardwoods, they are not indestructible like the fictional adamantium.  The nunchaku is a control weapon and can be  also a bludgeoning weapon meaning it is used to “hit things”, however unlike a padded or foam toy nunchaku if you strike into a hard surface you will likely crack our nunchaku.  Also dropping your nunchaku on a hard surface can also crack or damage your nunchaku.

Cocobolo does not mean “Made of Adamantium

The first rule for most weapons in the martial arts world is “don’t drop your weapon“.  In our school one drop equals 50 pushups.  Many weapons like swords, nunchaku, staff can take contact but in a real life use most weapons have one or two strikes and they are done.  That stainless steel sword on tv, that is one and done item.  The $25,000 custom made Japanese sword, takes about 100 hits. “Kill Bill” is fiction. Nunchaku are not meant to be hit into things during practice.  Keep this in mind when striking into things like heavy bags or any surface.  Also keep in mind, the heavier the nunchaku, the more kinetic energy is released on impact and the more likely hood of damage.  If you are used to cheap lightweight nunchaku, be warned, the heavy ones swing and hit much differently.  A good rule of thumb is to swing them on a grass lawn  or on a carpeted room to ensure that if you drop them you don’t crack or shatter them.

All our nunchaku should be studied and practiced with a real martial arts instructor from an established martial arts school.

Because of these facts, we can only replace a damaged nunchaku that was damaged in shipping.  Inspect your nunchaku the day it arrives and contact us immediately.  There will be no returns or refunds for nunchaku that have been used, dropped, or mishandled period.

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