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Nunchaku Rope Lengths

The nunchaku we make come to you pre-strung.  We do this as a courtesy to you because we understand how frustrating it is to have to string them yourself.  Even when you are good at it, it is a tedious job to say the least. This service is done as a bonus for the customer, but not being able to size up each martial artists needs, we have to string our nunchaku rope lengths in one fashion.  The standard way our nunchaku are strung is a 4″ rope tie with an American made 550 (320lb)  para-cord.   If you need to restring your nunchaku  click here for our 2 rope tie method.

Remember all our nunchaku come strung at 4 inches which works for 90% of all nunchaku users,  unless you ask for a different length which can be done in customer notes during check out.  There is no one correct length or way to tie nunchaku.  Each nunchaku user is different with different preferences which only the actual user can know. Restring kits are available if you are unsure and want to experiment as well as our online guide for tying them.

Nunchaku Styles

The rope length preference of a nunchaku is determined by the martial art style as well as what the individual likes.  The size of the practitioner, and the personal performance.  There is no way for us to know what is the best fit for every individual and there is no “Right” way to string a nunchaku.  We base our stringing method on a sturdy method with a 12 inch (standard size) nunchaku strung with approximately 4″  inches between the nunchaku.  We do our best to make all our nunchaku strung to 4″ but this is done by hand and is not guaranteed in any way to be “exactly” 4″

  • We DO NOT do stringing in CM or MM intervals. 
  • All stringing intervals are done by the half inch.

If you require exactness beyond the 1/4 or 1/2 inch we provide, your best course of action is to get an additional string pack that will enable you to string the nunchaku the way you like with the length the suits you the best.

Open stringing for Nunchaku Rope Lengths

There is also an “open” string option for people who wish to size it themselves and “No string” option for people who wish to purchase the nunchaku and string them later or that live in an area which prohibits the purchase of nunchaku.  You can pick any of these at check out.  If you take the option for a restring you can add a note at check out for your desired string length between nunchaku and we will do that length when re stringing.

All our base 12″ nunchaku in ash mahogany and red oak can be strung with any of our color choices at no cost.  The one of a kinds in cocobolo for example and short  vs long lengths are pre-strung in various colors.  Those nunchaku can be switched out to another color before check out by selecting the “re-string option”.  You can also choose to have the tie an “unfinished knot” or “loose”.  This is best for those who want to adjust the rope length before committing to a length.  The hard work of the stringing is already done, you just pick where to tie off the knots yourself.  The third option is unstrung.  With this choice we add in a restring kit so you can string them yourself from start to finish.  This third “unstrung” option is also best for people in the states of CA, NY and  MA as their laws prohibit importing the nunchaku if you are not a martial arts school or practitioner.


Rope Colors:  If you are getting an Engraved Nunchaku or ordering a custom re string we have a number of colors to choose from for your nunchaku rope.  To see the colors available click here.

Our default style is the requirements for Chinese northern style white dragon boxing style kung fu.  This style has many forms that require strikes and control methods to lock joints and break bone.  The standard rope length is three finger lengths plus a few cm.  Depending on the size of the person, the length on the nunchaku itself and the weight of the wood, this size maybe need to be adjusted after you get used to them. Please note, if you are used to chain linked nunchaku, chains require much more length to work as opposed to rope. This does not mean that you can not re-string them to your own needs.

Learn to String your nunchaku

We have a new article showing the basic two rope method we use to tie our nunchaku. Learn to Re-String

In addition to the size of the nunchaku themselves and the length of the rope, another element must be taken into consideration: the weight. Indeed, the weight is very important and must be selected according to the type use you want to have with your nunchaku:

– Between 50 and 100 grams: for these lightweights, a very short rope must be used (less than 6 cm), because if not, the nunchaku will be quite hard to handle. This is the weight of the Pro Chux.

– Between 100 and 230 grams: this is the standard weight for common nunchaku, this is appropriate for any kind of use.

– More than 230 grams: they are the weights used for combat nunchaku, they have a great destruction capability but this is harder to make artistic things correctly, except for nunchaku having a long rope (more than 14 cm).

– More than 600 grams: whatever the length of the rope is, these weights are only made for combat.

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