Real One of a Kind Nunchaku

Nunchaku Handmade in USAWe make traditional handmade Chinese octagon nunchaku in small batches, Nunchaku Handmade in USA each featuring a selection of various hardwoods.  Our Nunchaku are never stained, this is how the natural hardwoods look after being oiled.  These nunchaku are fashioned for the martial arts practitioners and students to be used in martial arts schools.  They are made to be functional in forms and real life.

Exotic WoodsOur nunchaku feel and work the way they were supposed to because they were made to be comfortable and strong.  Each of ours is one of a kind because they are made by hand.  We think this makes each one special.  Human beings alone have the ability to place special value in objects. Its called Personification or anthropomorphism.  A rabbit’s foot or a favorite shirt, a lucky cup. These are all objects that take on personality’s of their own to the owner. Martial artist make connections with their weapons  in the same way and we provide a weapon worthy of that notion. We provide that by making handmade Chinese nunchaku 100% fashioned in the United States. Every nunchaku is one of a kind. The piece you see is the piece you get. All hand cut from natural hardwoods, never stained, all hand sanded oiled and strung.

We search for exotic woods all over the country and this year we are proud to be adding Redheart, East Indiana Rosewood, Katalux, Hard Ash & Bloodwood. In May 2017 we are releasing our first ever chain linked nunchaku.

Have a look at our different batches, and select your one of a kind Chinese Octagon Nunchaku.

Every martial artist starts out and after some training, begin to acquire the weapons they study.  This happens in schools of every martial art style. When this time happened for me for the nunchaku, I was less than pleased with the standard issue chuck in bag, UN strung nunchaku from china.  It cost about $9 plus shipping but was in reality  worthless because they were too uncomfortable to learn with.