Nunchaku Options & Info

Our goal at USA nunchaku is to make an affordable handmade in the USA nunchaku that is functional and also unique as possible to it’s owner.  We offer rope color choices, rope and chain length options as well as engraving.  All the heavy exotic nunchaku are 1 of 1 listings and can also be customized.

Cocobolo Nunchaku 2019-024
Handmade Nunchaku

Our nunchaku are not made in a big factory or being mass produced by robots.  We think of each one as special.  Human beings alone have the ability to place special value in objects. This ability is called “Personification” or “anthropomorphism”.  A rabbit’s foot or a favorite shirt, a lucky cup, are all examples of objects that take on personality’s of their own to the owner. Martial artist make connections with their weapons  in the same way and we provide a weapon worthy of that notion.

More information on nunchaku and options:

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