Why American Nunchaku Company

We make traditional nunchaku which are all handmade in small batches.  Why Us? Our American Handcrafted Nunchaku or “nunchucks” are a traditional martial arts weapon. Each nunchaku is handcrafted in America featuring a selection of various hardwoods from start to finish. We offer American Handcrafted nunchaku in both rope and chained versions.

Our Nunchaku are never stained, this is how the natural hardwoods look after being oiled.  They are made to be functional in forms and real life.  We don’t coat driftwood in Polypropylene! Each nunchaku is one of a kind, made with 100% American materials and labor.  We invite you to check out our selection of handcrafted nunchaku and experience the difference in something that was handmade vs an imported mass produced cookie cutter product.

We put together a small video that features some of the great reasons to purchase an American nunchaku from us.  As always if you have more questions or can’t find something you are looking for feel free to contact us.

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