California Legalized Nunchaku

For over 50 years the state of California has made nunchaku illegal or restricted to only state licensed martial arts schools. As of 9/30 2021 this restriction in California has been repealed with the passing of CA Senate Bill No 827 and has resulted in California Legalized Nunchaku for everyone.

Now all California residents may purchase nunchaku without restriction or needing to be a member of a martial arts school training in the art of nunchaku. Here at American Nunchaku Company we welcome our new and old Californian customers and invite you to stop by and check out our collection of custom handmade nunchaku. We custom make to order nunchaku in a variety of sizes and shapes with customized rope and chain options. We use a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods to hand make our nunchaku. Each piece is handmade, sanded and finished in our Pennsylvania shop and shipped all over the United States and world.

Nunchaku are a standard tool in most martial arts schools of all types. Nunchaku are an excellent upper body workout for the martial arts practitioner and casual user alike. We specialize in making a variety of sizes and options to suite nunchaku users of all styles and experience levels. If you have any questions or need help in choosing please feel free to contact us

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