Which Nunchaku is Right for You?

Which Nunchaku is Right for YouThis is a big question that is asked many times, but also, not asked when it should be.  The answer is very simple.  If you are new to the nunchaku, stay with lighter woods.  They are much more forgiving and easier on the mishaps. If you are familiar with them, choose the heavy ones only if you do not drop them all the time.  Unlike a piece of plastic or foam, if you crack wooden nunchaku into hard surfaces, you may damage them, or the hard surface or both.  It’s basic physics.  The more weight and speed, the more impact.  The lighter woods are faster and spin with more speed but do not pack the punch and damage of the heavier nunchaku.  This is why they are the best for the student to practice with.  If you want to see what will happen when you swing your nunchaku into a tree or rock please understand that you would be setting yourself up for a broken nunchaku.

We recommend practice on grass or carpet.  Do not purchase with the impression that cocobolo or other hardwoods means “indestructible”  If anything, it’s the opposite.  Like all other martial arts weapons, great care should be taken when using them.  They should only ever be used under the supervision of a martial arts instructor in a class setting.

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