Red Oak and Ash Nunchaku

These are our lighter weight nunchaku made from red oak and ash hardwoods.  Like all our nunchaku they are handmade.  These are great wear and tear nunchaku for beginners and pro’s alike because they are less expensive than the more exotic hardwoods and they take a beating with less weight.

Red Oak (Quercus rubra)

red oak

The red oak is one of the largest and most important timber trees. One of the fastest growing of the oaks, it attains a to 80 feet and a diameter of two to three feet. It has a wide, spreading head with few far reaching branches. Found growing over southeastern Canada and the northeastern United States, it reaches west to central Minnesota, eastern Nebraska and Kansas. It is found over most of Iowa on a variety of soils, except on the drier clay uplands. It prefers moist, rich soils on north, east or northeast exposures.

acorn and barkThe tree has a single, lobed leaf with seven to eleven pointed or bristly-tipped lobes. The lobe sinuses reach one-half way to mid-vein. The leaves are thin, firm, dull green above, yellow-green below, varying considerably.

The fruit is a large, broad, rounded acorn with a very shallow disk-like or saucer-shaped cup or cap.

The twigs are small, slender, greenish brown to dark brown. On young branches the bark is smooth and gray to greenish. On the trunk it breaks into long, narrow, shallow ridges flat and smooth on top. The under bark is light red.


This oak is found in the northeastern and north central United States (University of Connecticut Plant Database). Specifically it ranges from Western Ontario to Cape Breton Island, south to Georgia, west to Eastern Oklahoma, and north to Minnesota

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