When to fight

When to  Training in martial arts  Martial arts teaches us to remain calm in the face of danger.  To turn the other cheek.  To stay far from harms way.  We learn to fight to make our bodies strong and our minds confident should the time come when we are tested.

Fight or Flight

Unfortunatly sometimes we can not avoid confrontation.  The basic choice is stay and fight, or turn and run.  In my school, on the first day all students are taught to run.  They are told to not bother fighting, save yourself.  After more classes there may be more options, but for now, run!

I worked as a bouncer for many many…….too many years.  Being in martial arts is one thing, depending on it for your job was another thing all together.  It takes a special person to gravitate towards danger rather than steer clear of it.  I, like any normal person, was not all that into the first altercations that started my bouncing career.   In the small city of Harrisburg PA,  I became the first full time Tuesday through Saturday bouncer.  I was able to buy my first house with that job.  It was dangerous, exciting and hand in hand with all my training in Kung fu, totally changed me.  Being out matched out numbered and on guard all the time can wear a person down.  It’s not a natural way to be.  Testing a person like that is not the norm, but a test non the less may find its way to anyone at any time.

” In time, no matter who you are, or where you go, the odds are you will be tested.”

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