Oh man we have to do forms review

Practic sword formAfter a while of studying I’ve got a great many martial arts forms to keep polished.  Sadly I’m guilty of not having all of them in the best shape.  My teacher tells me that they are deep inside me, we have to refresh them and bring them back out.  Some of the forms are over 200 motions long.  The only thing to do is to practice them often.

I was so lucky to have teachers who kept me going and years ago, the time to really do nothing but  practice before work and sleep and everything else.  These days I don’t feel as much time is needed to Study the basic moves, but the time to remember and re train my brain the motions order in the form.  Getting past that would let me study the motion itself, this is where the true power resides.

Other things always challenge the martial artist for the control of his or hers’ day.  I find the time between working on new nunchaku, working on the website’s and non stop marketing with social media can literally burn a day away without me noticing.  The solution is simply to get to school, get to class.  Once I’m in the school the rest of the world washes away and my mind can relax and get ready for the training and the information.  I think that is the most important key, get to school!

Meditation is something else that is often overlooked.  Used in the morning and before class it’s great help to prime yourself for the lesson.

Winter is my motivator now.  It makes most of my other activities stop for a while due to the cold.  Now it’s time to capitalize on that and get myself into in my case, kung fu.  See you to school! 🙂


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