2021 Nunchaku Shop Holiday Season

Paulownia Trainer Slim Long Nunchaku
Handmade Nunchaku

The last two years have been trying times for everyone across the globe we expect this nunchaku holiday season to be the same. Many projects and plans have been put on hold over this time and now we are facing a hectic unpredictable holiday shopping season. For the last two years American Nunchaku Company has been waiting to build our new large production shop. We have been delayed many times for many reasons most of which were out of our control and forced us to delay ground breaking.

This Autumn we have finally been able to cease the opportunity to get our new shop built. To do so however, we have to take some items off the shopping list until January on 2022. Sticks and Staff take up a large amount of shop space and time to make and until the new building is ready, we will not be taking orders for these and some other complex items.

All our products are hand made and often “made to order” so during the holiday season we have an “early” safe to ship and receive before the holidays time frame. Not knowing how the shipping companies will operate in 2021 and what may delay some orders once they have been sent to ship, has forced us to make this time frame even more extended as we finish out 2021.

As the nunchaku holiday season deadlines get near please take note to our shipping messages site wide and what can be expected to get your orders in time.

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