Oh man we have to do forms review

Practic sword formAfter a while of studying I’ve got a great many martial arts forms to keep polished.  Sadly I’m guilty of not having all of them in the best shape.  My teacher tells me that they are deep inside me, we have to refresh them and bring them back out.  Some of the forms are over 200 motions long.  The only thing to do is to practice them often.

I was so lucky to have teachers who kept me going and years ago, the time to really do nothing but  practice before work and sleep and everything else.  These days I don’t feel as much time is needed to Study the basic moves, but the time to remember and re train my brain the motions order in the form.  Getting past that would let me study the motion itself, this is where the true power resides.

Other things always challenge the martial artist for the control of his or hers’ day.  I find the time between working on new nunchaku, working on the website’s and non stop marketing with social media can literally burn a day away without me noticing.  The solution is simply to get to school, get to class.  Once I’m in the school the rest of the world washes away and my mind can relax and get ready for the training and the information.  I think that is the most important key, get to school!

Meditation is something else that is often overlooked.  Used in the morning and before class it’s great help to prime yourself for the lesson.

Winter is my motivator now.  It makes most of my other activities stop for a while due to the cold.  Now it’s time to capitalize on that and get myself into in my case, kung fu.  See you to school! 🙂


When to fight

When to  Training in martial arts  Martial arts teaches us to remain calm in the face of danger.  To turn the other cheek.  To stay far from harms way.  We learn to fight to make our bodies strong and our minds confident should the time come when we are tested.

Fight or Flight

Unfortunatly sometimes we can not avoid confrontation.  The basic choice is stay and fight, or turn and run.  In my school, on the first day all students are taught to run.  They are told to not bother fighting, save yourself.  After more classes there may be more options, but for now, run!

I worked as a bouncer for many many…….too many years.  Being in martial arts is one thing, depending on it for your job was another thing all together.  It takes a special person to gravitate towards danger rather than steer clear of it.  I, like any normal person, was not all that into the first altercations that started my bouncing career.   In the small city of Harrisburg PA,  I became the first full time Tuesday through Saturday bouncer.  I was able to buy my first house with that job.  It was dangerous, exciting and hand in hand with all my training in Kung fu, totally changed me.  Being out matched out numbered and on guard all the time can wear a person down.  It’s not a natural way to be.  Testing a person like that is not the norm, but a test non the less may find its way to anyone at any time.

” In time, no matter who you are, or where you go, the odds are you will be tested.”

Martial Arts: Your First Real Weapon

Your First Real Weapon

Martial Arts Jo staffMost martial artist start out with the three most common weapons.  jo staff, nunchaku and a sword associated with their respective styles.  Aside from the sword of course,  many of the traditional weapons are based form farm tools that people had around.  Most people were not allowed to own weapons so they developed skills using the things they had on hand.

A staff is as simple as it gets.  It’s a 5 to 6 foot pole.  It can be a broom, or a hockey stick or a long piece of cocobolo wood.  While the later would be the best for effect, anything will do.  you can buy good poles from just about anyone, great ones however are harder to find.

A sword is something that you have to explore separately as there are many kinds and many styles.  You can buy a $49 dragon sword based on something from a movie or you can sell your first born to a warlord and commission a $200,000 dollar sword.  That and everything in between, bottom line, you get what you pay for.  Your movie sword no matter how cool, will be ok for one cut in one fight.  It’s not combat steel and it is made of plastic and tin.swords

Nunchaku are a bit different.  Bruce Lee made them popular.  They can be found in many forms from a foam “nerf” like thing, to metal, to plastic with prism reflectors.  While you can get the basic concept with any of these, many of a modern mass produced models made of plastic would not be very effective in real life.  My first set was purchased online from some Asian martial arts outlet store.  My instructor had told us we would be using traditional Chinese roped octagon shaped nunchaku, so that is what I tried to buy.  What arrived in the mail a few days later can only be summed up as a an awful waste of $19 dollars.  I’ve never really even used them.  They were too fat, stained so they got tacky when you start to sweat, they were unstrung.  It too me all day to figure out how to string them up. Basically looked like what they were, cheap.  I’ve been making nunchaku for people ever since that day.  I nunchaku we make fit in your hands.  They are cut from beautiful hardwoods and they are oiled, polished and strung.  They are not for demonstration, they are for real.  They are for study in real martial arts classes on the topic of nunchaku.  They are also just like the ones that were fashioned from farm equipment 2000 year ago.

The concept is simple.  Learning a real weapon in martial arts means taking a serious attitude about what you plan to learn and how well you will be able to sue your skills should the need ever rise.

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Shipments and returns

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These are all one of a kind custom hand made items and all sales are final.

Nunchaku rope lengths

Nunchaku Rope Lengths

The nunchaku we make come to you pre strung.  We do this because we understand how frustrating it is to have to string them yourself.  Even my teachers will ask me to string up their nunchaku in lieu of them trying because I do it so often.  This service is done as a bonus for the customer, but not being able to size up each martial artists needs, we string our nunchaku in one fashion.  

Our nuncahku are strung with 500 lb  test paracord.  The rope length of a nunchaku is determined by the martial art style.  Our default style is Chinese northern style White Dragon boxing kung fu.  This style has many forms that require strikes and control methods to lock joints and break bone.  The standard rope length is three finger lengths plus a few cm.  Depending on the size of the person, the length on the nunchaku itself and the weight of the wood, this size maybe need to be adjusted after you get used to them. Please note, if you are used to chain linked nunchaku, chains require much more length to work as opposed to rope..This does not mean that you can not restring them to your own needs.

In addition to the size of the nunchaku themselves and the length of the rope, another element must be taken into consideration: the weight.

Indeed, the weight is very important and must be selected according to the type use you want to have with your Nunchaku:

Between 50 and 100 grams: for these lightweights, a very short rope must be used (less than 6 cm), because if not, the Nunchaku will be quite hard to handle. This is the weight of the Pro Chux.

Between 100 and 230 grams: this is the standard weight for common Nunchakus, this is appropriate for any kind of use.

More than 230 grams: they are the weights used for combat Nunchakus, they have a great destruction capability but this is harder to make artistic things correctly, except for Nunchakus having a long rope (more than 14 cm).

More than 600 grams: whatever the length of the rope is, these weights are only made for combat.

All USA Nuncahku are combat weight.  Please take care to start slow and get used to how they flow.  These are not plastic or foam toys, they are the real deal.

About American Nunchaku

We are the alternative to a mass produced chunky Chinese nunchaku.

This is not a large warehouse in china, or a large manufactoring company.  We make handmade Chinese octagon nunchaku in small batches, each featuring a selection of various hardwoods.

Every martial artist starts out and after bit of training starts to look for weapons. When this time happened for me, I was less then pleased with the standard issue chuck in bag, UNstrung nunchaku.
Human beings alone have the ability to place special value in objects. Personification is one word. Another is anthropomorphism. A rabbits foot, a favorite shirt, a lucky cup, objects take on personality’s of their own. martial artist make connections with their weapons and we provide a weapon worthy of that notion. I provide that by making handmade Chinese nunchaku 100% fashioned in the united states. Every nunchaku is one of a kind. The piece you see is the piece you get. All hand cut from natural hardwoods, never stained, never mass produced.
Every person has a story, our nunchaku’s do too. The birth of the weapon from raw wood is recorded for each batch. I fashion them much like the swordsmith has ritual and purpose as the weapon is created. It’s very pairing with a person may some day bring gifts I’m writing the words right now no one could see.

Have a look at our different batches, and select your one of a kind Chinese nunchaku. You will not regret it, but if you must, waste the $9 on the standard issue and we I’ll be happy to pair you with a weapon you will have forever.

We made one of a kind items. Once it’s sold, thats it. There are no others exsactly like it.  The one you see is the one you buy.  These are professional martial arts training tools.  Make sure you know what you are buying.  This is not ebay or esty.  Because these are one of a kind items, all sales are final and refunds are only issued in the case of a shipping accident or damgage from shipping.

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USAnunchaku does not sell or ship nunchaku’s to these country’s due to thier laws:



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These are all one of a kind custom hand made items and all sales are final.


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