Help me to get to the states please

I’m trying to get to the USA so I can train with the best fighters in the world. I’m a mum of three boys and I have a special need child so money is hard to save up. So please help me out it would help my career.  

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American Handmade Nunchaku

American Handmade Nunchaku

Given the choice wouldn’t you rather buy American Handmade Nunchaku than a nunchaku with no soul? all of our martial arts weapons are made one at a time by martial artists. we don’t buy them over seas or from a big warehouse store. We think this makes them special and unique. This gives the weapon the character that the user possesses.

Handmade vs Robot made

USA Nunchaku is not a warehouse in China, or a large manufacturing factory. USA Nunchaku Co. is a small American company making handmade nunchaku from 100% American materials in our small workshop. We make handmade nunchaku in different shapes and sizes in small batches, each featuring a selection of various hardwoods. While they do cost a bit more than a $9 Chinese “chuck in a bag”, our nunchaku are Handmade and each one of a kind.

Stop in and check out the store, your perfect nunchaku is waiting for a spin. If you have any questions or need help picking the perfect nunchaku for your training, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will be more than happy to help out with your choice or any other information you may need.

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Chain linked Speed Chucks

Chain linked Speed Chucks

9.5" Katalox Speed Chucks

As we hit the dog days of summer in 2017 the shop is finishing out the Dragon Fly run of nunchaku to end the first part of the season.  With the introduction of our chain linked nunchaku this summer, we wanted to add to the mix with some cool variations from the old days of kung fu and karate with a similar variation of the classic speed chuck.  We have made the handles shorter and the chain longer to match the total length of a standard 12″ chain set.  We are going to be making these in a variety of shapes, woods and lengths for our next batch along with 3 sectional staffs and chain linked cocobolo nunchaku.  These will finish out the dragonfly run 2017.

These nunchaku hard a bit different than the normal size to swing.  It doesn’t take too long to get used to them.  Look for us to try out a variety of woods in the coming batches to give a good weight mix for nunchaku swings of all styles.

 The debut are two pairs, one red heart at 10″ and a katlox set of 9.5″ weighting in a full 16 oz pound!  As always, join our newsletter to get updates on new nunchaku in the shop.  


Nunchaku News May 2017

Nunchaku News May 2017

Moving all our Nunchaku to the three Rope Tie

The three rope tie method will be the norm for all nunchaku coming out of our store from May 2017 forward.  The 660 para cord colors are expanding too,  Summer 2017 will see reflective para cord and glow in the dark para cord available on the nunchaku and in re string packs.

New Exotic woods

The new woods available are just fantastic.  East India Rosewood is the first.  It’s similar to cocobolo, hard dense and dark in color.  Redheart is our second new wood, the grain pattern is as good as it gets, it’s a good middleweight nunchaku wood.  katalox is our new heavy.  Dark in color with interesting pulp patterns it’s dense and heavy.  

The main base woods will use, red oak and ash will still be available as well as these new exotic woods.  Later this summer we will be releasing some other new exotic woods that should make for some great looking nunchaku. 

Memorial Day Weekend:  Pre release New Chain linked Nunchaku

They have finally arrived.  The chain linked nunchaku in red oak.  The pre release started this week running through the holiday weekend to kick off summer.  We are excited and proud to finally offer one of the most requested versions of the nunchaku. The first sets will be from red oak and soon this summer we will be releasing the nunchaku in Red heart, rosewood and cocobolo


Handmade Nunchaku in Store Now

The First Batch of Handmade Nunchaku in Store Now

Cocobolo Traditional Octagon NunchakuWell it took a while to complete, but the first batch of handmade nunchaku for fall 2017 has been added to the online store.  We were sold out for some time and to keep that from happening this season we have already started another run of red oak to be ready next week.  With the second batch, we will be adding a martial arts school pack which will consist of sets of 10 or 20 red oak nunchaku strung in white or black and sold at a discounted price for schools and teachers of martial arts.  Instructors and schools can sign up here to get their discount codes .  We hope to have this product and feature added to the site the weekend of September 24th.

Website Updated for Fall

We have updated our web store to handle more volume and added new payment credit card options.  We were experiencing an issue with new site plugins preventing customers from entering their credit cards to check out.  This has been fixed and tested and we are happy to announce the checkout is working perfectly.

Cocobolo in stock

2017-hallows-26-8 We have a number of cocobolo nunchaku in stock.  we are also featuring some new smaller and larger sizes.  These will not be around for long, so make sure to stop by soon and check them out.


Nunchaku Summer work shop updates

Nunchaku Summer Work Shop News

media2-meditating Well summer is here in the north east.  We have been getting our shop time in and hunting new wood stock for our nunchaku, which has been difficult.  Some times of the year it is very hard to find good stock in the exotic woods.  Typically I will get a call from one of the local wholesaler to come out and have a look at the new stock.  I’ll be going this week to a new location hunting some cocobolo and hopefully some more bloodwood.

Right now in the shop we have red oak and blood wood being cut.  We will be featuring a new bulk item for martial arts schools.  These will be red oak nunchaku sold in packs of 15 for instructors to sell in their schools.  These will be priced at a discount and sold to martial arts schools.  I’m hoping to have a number of these packs ready to go in the next few weeks.

Please check out our new “How to String Nunchaku” article.  This will hopefully provide you with the needed information on how to re string your nunchaku

We will also be featuring the smaller lengths for younger students and people with smaller hands.  These will be in various lengths shorter than the standard 12 inches.

Please follow us on twitter and face book for current updates and news on when the new nunchaku will be released.  Everyone have a wonderful start to your summer and stay cool.



Everybody was Kung Fu Dancing

What is a Martial Art compared to a Sport?

impressive, but will not win any fight

This morning I read a great article on kung fu.  It was written well and was insightful, but a few things about it troubled me so I thought I’d run down some of the mostly overlooked basics that most people on the outside, and many on the inside of martial arts, don’t know.  With the popularity of the MMA fighting we all see on TV there is much to go over.

One statement I want to make before I start.  There is no one martial art that is better than all others.  In my opinion, being in the worst martial arts class available is better than not being in martial arts at all.  In other words, its good for everyone, and it’s not about fighting.  A good school weeds out the non hackers and trouble makers and in the end the students learn that fighting in martial arts is merely a side effect to your training.  This point is one thing that separates a martial art like karate or kung fu, from a sport like MMA fighting.  MMA is not a martial art.  It is a sport that the contestants use various martial arts against each other, whatever is brought to the table.  It’s main goal like a boxer is to train to win one fight.  A martial artist one goal is never ending, and that is to better one’s self through discipline.  Fighting is a side effect.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg

Thailand.Burmese-migrant-dockworkers3.Jeanne-Hallacy.2014 One common issue in martial arts is the attempt to classify which art is older or better or more powerful.  Which ever the argument is, one can normally find enough evidence to prove one’s point, whatever it is, by using google to make your case.  For example, most people are not aware that karate in it known “modern form” has only been around since 1920’s when it was made the national sport of Japan only after it was discovered on the island of Okinawa by high ranking people in the Japanese government who wanted to use it for physical education in the Japanese school system.  Had it been on the island the whole time?  Yes, but it was not discovered as you know it until 1922.  Those people on Okinawa learned it from shipping and trade with the Chinese main land. The fact of the matter is simple.  All of the Asian arts come from China in one way or another and at one time or another.  In China alone there are 1000’s of Kung fu styles.  Some are family systems and very private only taught to family members.

The movements

Hollywood makes it look cool

When you study kung fu you quickly learn it was all about watching the animals in nature “live”  The forms and styles are based on animal movements.  These movements are why it is used in Hollywood action scenes.  They are pronounced and vivid, They are easier to see and more entertaining to watch, but the one thing that gets lost watching kung fu in film is the “why”.  In martial arts all styles use forms or kata’s to teach.  They are sequences of movements the student must master to advance.  Hidden in these movements are micro movements and hidden in these are even more subtle movements.  Depending on your skill level you may only be aware of a fraction of the things going on in each form.  Hollywood doesn’t use kung fu for these reasons, they use it because it plays well on film “it looks cool”  Different styles display different moves and attitudes.  Hollywood likes to borrow from many styles to achieve the look we see in movies like “The Matrix”.  Another thing that makes this happen is the Chinese culture and mythology.  Unlike western schools of thought, there are hidden meanings when we see people flying through the air on wires, to us in the west we dismiss it as a cool effect with artistic license, but in China these visuals have a mythology and a meaning.

Real fighting vs Fake fighting

Long_Fist_Kung_Fu_Cat_Stance_Hunt_Stock_ShootMMA is a controlled fight sport.  It’s not no holds bared as you might think.  Fighting each other at your martial arts school is also not real, or at least it shouldn’t be.  We train to help each other, not hurt each other.  The one thing I get more than anything else from all my years in martial arts, mainly from karate guys, (sorry karate guys) is that kung fu is a dance, it’s all show and that the movements are too pronounced and the positions are impractical.  Most people get this idea from watching a movie like “the dragon” on a Saturday afternoon. This is the main reason I decided to sit down and scribble this out.  Lets get some misunderstandings out of the way first.  The most important point I want to make is that in a fight, a martial artist studying kung fu for example isn’t going to “dance” at me in a fight.  No, they are not going to get into a cool pose and wave you in, nor are they going to have wires attached to them and fly into the battle.  If it was a trained fighter he or she would likely wait for the attacker to come in and the outcome would be a dislocated joint or compound fracture depending on how hard they came in.  You see most people don’t understand that Kung fu is defensive art, meaning literally all the forms, sequences and kata’s revolve around the idea of “being attacked”, not being the attacker.  You may ask yourself, “what good is that?”  If you are an aggressive asshole, you are right,  it serves no purpose at all.  If you are protecting yourself or your family, it’s everything and then some.  It’s the “then some” that hurts.

Eventually there will be a fight
Eventually there will be a fight

I’ve been studying Kung Fu for almost twenty years.  When I started out, in the first year of my studies, I lost my job and was forced to take a bouncing job at a very rough getto bar to make ends meet.  Needless to say this made me look at my kung fu class as more than a hobby.  My martial arts studies suddenly became on the job training that very well could mean the difference between life and death.   I did this for over ten years.  I can’t say many things in life with certainty.  This is a humbling fact.  One thing however I can speak on with absolute wisdom and clarity is how martial arts are applied in a “real life” situation.  Not Hollywood, not MMA, not some crazy cage fight or a flying kick 12 ft in the air, not breaking bricks, but real life.  You see, in western society the only place you can go to find a real fight on a regular consistent basis is  “a bar”  This is the one place you can be sure that given enough standing around time you will be assured a real live fight.  There are no rules or codes.  No referee, no help.  Watching a room of people get drunk over the coarse of four or five hours is fascinating.  I would urge literally anyone to do it, without drinking yourself of course.

Looks cool, not real or practical

When I started I was the first full time bouncer in all the bars in Harrisburg PA.  Yes some of them had weekend muscle bound guys in squads of 5 or 6 as bouncers, but I was the only Monday through Saturday bouncer, and I worked alone.  I didn’t work alone because I was super skilled, I did because they couldn’t afford more people, and I couldn’t afford to complain.  At first it was very scary.  When the shit would hit the fan, all eyes would turn to me and I’d have to walk down to the scene.  It was more like an old western movie than a kung fu movie, trust me.  Most of the time however you would be surprised what skills were the most effective.  They all came from my training n martial arts, but most of them were not rockem sockem robots, it was skills like observation, patients, negotiation and temperament.  If these didn’t work, then we get out the kung fu bag of fighting skills.  This was not easy as I said before, kung fu is reactionary, and the job of bouncing is very much confrontational, but I made it work.  Many times it became very physical.  As the years went on they did hire people to help out on the weekends.  Many didn’t cut it.  Taking an ID was one thing, stopping a fight or ejecting a human who doesn’t want to go is quite another.  Many martial artists tried to work with me, not one was able to do the job.  Many people thought they would do great, until the moment of action.  At that moment the fight or flight reaction kicked in, and they flew.  Because I wanted to keep my job and not have my employer get sued, many of the tools were off the table from the start.  While this is true some of them were never on the table to begin with, like

  • dancing at them
  • waving them in from a sideways horse stance
  • making weird chirping sounds
  • starting from a fixed position like crane
  • kicks to the head, of any kind
  • flying kicks
  • brick breaking

Given those exceptions, there were some epic fights, all out brawls, some great judo throws and some people did literally sail through the front doors back out onto the street without ever touching the ground.  While those facts are true, every time it was real and the reality of it is what had to come out of me when handling each situation.  The reason I was kept on for almost a decade is that 95% of the time I was able to walk them out calmly.  I grew and became the voice of reason.  After a while, even the worst people that came in that bar knew better.  It may have been because of something they saw weeks before, or just word of mouth but the purpose was served.  I used a martial art to keep fights from starting and only an art form can do this, not a sport of fighting.

So when you are looking at the different styles of martial arts understand that the movies are not real.  A good school will teach you far more than fighting they will teach you about life.

Blonde Cocobolo Nunchaku

Blonde Cocobolo Nunchaku

Blonde Cocobolo NunchakuThis pair was a special cut fro the master block of cocobolo we used.  The oils have set out the great colors in the wood grain.  These are not stained.  The lighter pulp wood looks blonde next to the fiery red in the dark cocobolo grains.  I have number of other cocobolo in the store now but this one we are listing alone in the store. This is why I’ve decided to call it Blonde Cocobolo Nunchaku.

Stop  by the shop to check them all out.

Coming up on the next round we will be cutting blood wood and will be featuring the return of the Lignum Vitae (ironwood)nunchaku.

Lignum Vitae (Genuine) is an exotic wood native to the tropical regions of the Americas. It is a very hard, dense, and heavy wood, with a fine texture. The heartwood color ranges from a dark greenish brown to black. Lignum Vitae is excellent for wood turning, as well as being used for bearings, bushings, some marine applications, and mallet heads. It has an oily to waxy character and takes a high polish.

Nunchaku Handmade in America

Nunchaku Handmade in America

ash NunchakuOne of the big stories in politics and the news is American jobs and companies making products in the states as opposed to imports from other countries.  Martial arts in America is as popular as ever.  I love the fact that we provide a great product that can be produced and used here at home.

I started making nunchaku back in 1998.  After my first year studying in my local kung fu school, my instructors has finally started teaching us the basics of our first weapons, the jo staff and nunchaku were the first ones that we were shown.  The staff was cut and dry, but the nunchaku was another story.

Ironwood Nunchaku To be taught nunchaku forms in any martial arts school most will find the only acceptable kind of nunchaku are the wooden corded type.  These type of nunchaku are called traditional octagon in shape.  While I was able to find this type in the typical Asian warehouse outlet stores online like my teachers, only a very generic version was available.  they were too thick, and felt horrible.  they were also stained and not even strung together.  That dreadful $5 to$19 product was always the same  lifeless weapon in a clear plastic bag.  This is how the making of our handmade nunchaku came to be.

Locust Wood Nunchaku
From tree to block the Locust wood is cut down to make nunchaku.

Our nunchaku are made by hand.  Each one is made by a martial artist in a wood shop, not a robotic Chinese factory.  We sand them oil and dry them and then string them with strong quality para-cord.  Rather than feature “some kind of stained wood”  we made our nunchaku from dense hardwoods of different weights like cocobolo, red oak, bloodwood and locust to name a few.  It’s an American product for a great American past time.

American Nunchaku Handmade

Red Heart Round Chain Nunchaku
Handmade Nunchaku

We make Traditional Octagon Wood Nunchaku from real hardwoods.  Real wooden American Nunchaku.  We have a selection of great dense hardwoods.  All our nunchaku are strung and oiled ready to go.  They are fast, easy to swing and control.  Perfect for school and form study.  We also have chain linked nunchaku featuring the ever sought after U swivel.  They are available now in a number of woods and lengths.  Each nunchaku we make is special and our goal is to match them with special people who use them. We do it all here in the USA while using American products and materials.  There is no robot factory, we don’t import anything to make them.   All our nunchaku are made in small batches daily to the customers order specifications. We have a large selection of domestic hardwoods and exotic imported hardwoods from all over the world.  Stop by the store and check out the selection.  About US

Oh man we have to do forms review

Practic sword formAfter a while of studying I’ve got a great many martial arts forms to keep polished.  Sadly I’m guilty of not having all of them in the best shape.  My teacher tells me that they are deep inside me, we have to refresh them and bring them back out.  Some of the forms are over 200 motions long.  The only thing to do is to practice them often.

I was so lucky to have teachers who kept me going and years ago, the time to really do nothing but  practice before work and sleep and everything else.  These days I don’t feel as much time is needed to Study the basic moves, but the time to remember and re train my brain the motions order in the form.  Getting past that would let me study the motion itself, this is where the true power resides.

Other things always challenge the martial artist for the control of his or hers’ day.  I find the time between working on new nunchaku, working on the website’s and non stop marketing with social media can literally burn a day away without me noticing.  The solution is simply to get to school, get to class.  Once I’m in the school the rest of the world washes away and my mind can relax and get ready for the training and the information.  I think that is the most important key, get to school!

Meditation is something else that is often overlooked.  Used in the morning and before class it’s great help to prime yourself for the lesson.

Winter is my motivator now.  It makes most of my other activities stop for a while due to the cold.  Now it’s time to capitalize on that and get myself into in my case, kung fu.  See you to school! 🙂


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