Lancaster County man accused of attempting to kill victim twice in two days

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MANOR TOWNSHIP, Lancaster County — Police are searching for a 29-year-old Quarryville man accused of trying — and failing — kill the same man twice in two days.

Robert David Sheets, of Buck Heights Road, is charged with two counts of attempted homicide, according to State Police. He is currently at large.Police say Sheets shot a male victim in the chest on Sunday, according to a criminal complaint. The next day, when he discovered the victim was still alive, he shot the victim again — this time in the head — and then allegedly stabbed him.The victim survived both attempts, police say.The victim told police Sheets took him to a residence near Main Street in Conestoga and led him to the woods behind the residence, allegedly telling the victim he wanted to show him something there. The victim told police Sheets ordered him to sit on a rock with his hands behind his back. Sheets then grabbed the victim from behind, as if he was attempting to break the victim’s neck. The victim told police he elbowed Sheets in an attempt to escape, but Sheets allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot the victim in the chest.
The victim told police he fell between some large rocks and laid there, bleeding, until the next morning. When he awoke, he said, he began yelling for help.
The victim told police that Sheets heard his cries and returned, apparently angry that the victim was not dead. Sheets then allegedly shot the victim again, this time behind the right ear. He also allegedly stabbed the victim, who told police he passed out.
The victim told police that when he awoke again, he walked away from the residence to a nearby cornfield. He said he was disoriented and walked around the field in circles until he reached a property on the 200 block of Oak Road, where he was discovered.
According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police that Sheets removed the victim’s wallet, which contained approximately $400, after shooting him the first time. Sheets also took the victim’s cell phone at that time, the victim said.

Police say they showed the victim a photo lineup with eight males, and the victim identified Sheets as the man who shot him.

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