Lancaster County man accused of attempting to kill victim twice in two days

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MANOR TOWNSHIP, Lancaster County — Police are searching for a 29-year-old Quarryville man accused of trying — and failing — kill the same man twice in two days.

Robert David Sheets, of Buck Heights Road, is charged with two counts of attempted homicide, according to State Police. He is currently at large.Police say Sheets shot a male victim in the chest on Sunday, according to a criminal complaint. The next day, when he discovered the victim was still alive, he shot the victim again — this time in the head — and then allegedly stabbed him.The victim survived both attempts, police say.The victim told police Sheets took him to a residence near Main Street in Conestoga and led him to the woods behind the residence, allegedly telling the victim he wanted to show him something there. The victim told police Sheets ordered him to sit on a rock with his hands behind his back. Sheets then grabbed the victim from behind, as if he was attempting to break the victim’s neck. The victim told police he elbowed Sheets in an attempt to escape, but Sheets allegedly pulled out a handgun and shot the victim in the chest.
The victim told police he fell between some large rocks and laid there, bleeding, until the next morning. When he awoke, he said, he began yelling for help.
The victim told police that Sheets heard his cries and returned, apparently angry that the victim was not dead. Sheets then allegedly shot the victim again, this time behind the right ear. He also allegedly stabbed the victim, who told police he passed out.
The victim told police that when he awoke again, he walked away from the residence to a nearby cornfield. He said he was disoriented and walked around the field in circles until he reached a property on the 200 block of Oak Road, where he was discovered.
According to the criminal complaint, the victim told police that Sheets removed the victim’s wallet, which contained approximately $400, after shooting him the first time. Sheets also took the victim’s cell phone at that time, the victim said.

Police say they showed the victim a photo lineup with eight males, and the victim identified Sheets as the man who shot him.

Help me to get to the states please

I’m trying to get to the USA so I can train with the best fighters in the world. I’m a mum of three boys and I have a special need child so money is hard to save up. So please help me out it would help my career.  

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Usa Nunchaku Debut our 3 Rope Nunchaku tie

Usa Nunchaku Debut our 3 Rope Nunchaku tie

3 rope nunchaku tie We are now going to start offering the nunchaku tied using a 3 rope nunchaku tie in the middle method.  It will be offered in a number of colors featuring a 480lb para-cord as always 100% American made.  While this method takes a bit longer to do and is more complex, we feel that it’s a great look, very strong and doesn’t require us to remove any more of the wood material which in the end makes for a stronger nunchaku.  It is also still a reliable end knot which can not unfasten like the other two method. 

This string method takes longer because of the complex pattern for the string.  We do not have an instructional set up yet for this way of roping the nunchaku.  As with all martial arts moves, there are a number of ways to arrive at your desired results.  This is also true with the many ways you can choose to tie your nunchaku later on.  This year we are also planning to feature a number of instructional  posts on the site that will feature different ways people tie their nunchaku.

Two Rope 650lb Tie

We will be continuing our two rope in the middle tie with a few changes. Now we will be using the flat 4 strand 650 para-cord.  As with all our rope we only use American made and only buy it from American retailers.  Currently this tie will only be available in a few colors but we hope to broaden the selection soon.

For more information on rope check out the rope lengths guide and the  how to string nunchaku post on our website.  Remember to sign up for our newsletter for updates, new products in stock and nunchaku news.



Welcoming in a Nunchaku New Year

Welcoming in a Nunchaku New Year

Now welcoming in a nunchaku new year Well it has been a crazy year in America.  As it comes to a close we want to thank everyone who has made USA Nunchaku grow this year.  I have been making these nunchaku for 20 years now.  It all started in a friend’s garage next to my 2nd Apartment during the first years of my Kung fu training.  In 1997 selling things on the internet was still a bit advanced but I was able to pull it off for a select few.  Now welcoming in a nunchaku new year for  2017 to all our customers all over the world is something we are proud to do.

This year America is likely going to change.  A number of years ago we set out to be an American company who wanted to make our product here in the United States with people and materials that were made here as well.  I can promise you as this idea catches on with other American businesses this year we will continue to do our part and always take the American worker, product or company first.  It matters to everyone we serve and to us as we make our American Nunchaku that even in a small way we help make the change back to a time when “made in USA” meant everything. Now welcoming in a nunchaku new year

Great News for chain fans!

After a long research and development process  I’m excited and proud to announce that 2017 will be the year USA Nunchaku co. starts making our first run of chain linked nunchaku.  They are going to be something special.  We have gone to great lengths to make a new product that we hope will become the rebirth of a long forgotten style of nunchaku made with quality in America.  All signs point to A February release date, make sure to sign up for our news letter to get the latest information on when they are ready. 

On Behalf of USA Nunchaku have a Great and Happy New Year!



3 Days Left

3 days left for shipping by Christmas

dr-65-6 As 2016 draws to a close we are rapidly approaching our last three shipping days to have your nunchaku arrive by Christmas.  This year we have grown more than expected and because of that, next year is going to be full of wonderful nunchaku surprises.  We will be introducing our first USA produced chain linked nunchaku.  This is a big deal!  In the 15 years I have been making nunchaku for friends and fellow students and now for the world on USA Nunchaku, we have been asked many times to produce chain linked nunchaku.  Thankfully we now have the means to do this in a way that is going to be quality in our new product, and satisfy everyone who loves the feel of the chain rather than the traditional rope connection.  Look for the first models to be released in February-March of 2017.

More Cocobolo to come.  In 2016 we have secured a great source for the beloved cocobolo hard wood.  You will see them as a regular throughout the year in all of our short batches.  In addition to that we will feature more red oak is a larger range of sizes including tapered, the addition of more Black Locust hardwood and in time all of these available to chain linked nunchaku.

While some of the exotic hardwoods are obviously imported to our American wood distributors, we try to make every single item used to make our product come from companies who make and manufacturer their product in the United States.  This goes for all our wood shop materials, the ropes, shipping ect.   We take great pride in being a 100% American (United States) made product.

The last sale of the year will be wrapping up this week, again anything shipped by 21st should arrive on time to all locations on the main land Untied States


Have a Happy Holiday!

10% off all red oak nunchaku



Black Friday Sale 2016

Black Friday Nunchaku Sale

Black Friday Nunchaku Sale Stop by USA Nunchaku this Black Friday for our 24 hour Black Friday Nunchaku Sale.  For 24 hours all cocobolo in stock are 15% off.

Cut from the hard to find dense cocobolo wood, these nunchaku are not only beautiful, they are some of the heaviest strongest sets we offer. The late 2012 batch are cut in a straight octagon shape. Get them while they are here. All are handmade in the United States.

These training weapons are made of top grade  and  match real weapons in length, size, weight, and feel. These 7.75″ cocobolo nunchaku constructed to be durable, cut resistant, and remarkably stiff, which allow martial artists to master techniques, footwork, and the basic stances.  USA Nunchaku’s Cocobolo Traditional Octagon Nunchaku are made from cocobolo these nunchaku are all are handmade, shaped, oiled, sanded and strung.  Like all of our nunchaku each of one of kind.  The weapon you see is the exact one you will receive.  100% made in the United States.


Handmade Nunchaku in Store Now

The First Batch of Handmade Nunchaku in Store Now

Cocobolo Traditional Octagon NunchakuWell it took a while to complete, but the first batch of handmade nunchaku for fall 2017 has been added to the online store.  We were sold out for some time and to keep that from happening this season we have already started another run of red oak to be ready next week.  With the second batch, we will be adding a martial arts school pack which will consist of sets of 10 or 20 red oak nunchaku strung in white or black and sold at a discounted price for schools and teachers of martial arts.  Instructors and schools can sign up here to get their discount codes .  We hope to have this product and feature added to the site the weekend of September 24th.

Website Updated for Fall

We have updated our web store to handle more volume and added new payment credit card options.  We were experiencing an issue with new site plugins preventing customers from entering their credit cards to check out.  This has been fixed and tested and we are happy to announce the checkout is working perfectly.

Cocobolo in stock

2017-hallows-26-8 We have a number of cocobolo nunchaku in stock.  we are also featuring some new smaller and larger sizes.  These will not be around for long, so make sure to stop by soon and check them out.


Cocobolo Dust

Cocobolo Dust

Cocobolo Nunchaku Oh my, it is so hot outside in north America this summer.  Right now in the north east the humidity has taken over completely.  Day and night it is 100 % in charge.  It’s pea soup at 5:30am, and it just gets hotter and stickier as the sun crosses the  sky.  There is only like one guy that I know who isn’t bothered by this at all.  Not to worry cocobolo , the last 2016 batch of  nunchaku are on the way.  We spent the weekend doing the ruff cuts and hard routes and Cocobolo dust.  Soon the next batch will be at the sanding stations.

Cocobolo dust is one thing that is hard to deal with.  Most people don’t know that the saw dust is poisonous.   It has a strong smell when it’s cut and creates a red dust power that gets on everything. I can tell you is to horrible.  In the shop the saw dust can get crazy.  We cut and expel a lot of wood.  Add the 72% relative humidity and 92 degrees F, it makes the cocobolo dust cling to your skin and turn to a paste.  I have to take breaks and continuously wash off while cutting this wood.  Not much fun, but the only path to the beautiful and colorful wood becoming a set of nunchaku cocobolo nunchaku .

This time around we will have cocobolo featured but we will also have some other great woods like zebra, bloodwood, red oak, and locust.  Small and slim models with some of the high end woods and our new highly searched for “nunchaku stringing packet“.  I’m planning three complete batches to be for sale between now and Christmas so there will be plenty to go around for everyone.  As always each is handmade, never stained and we sand, oil and string every pair.  It’s without question and best nunchaku value for the practicing martial artist and best of all, they are made in the USA.

New Nunchaku Stock Coming!

New Nunchaku Stock Coming!

Exotic Woods It’s been since spring that we have run the mills in the shop but we have finally found some new exotic woods and the time to produce a whole ton of beautiful American Red Oak Nunchaku!

Bloodwood, Cocobolo, Zebrawood, and a few others will be featured this time as well as  new product designed for the martial arts school or instructor.   We will be bundling 10-20 12″ Red Oak Nunchaku in packs for schools at a discount.  Each one will be strung on the one side and come with the instructions on sizing the rope to the correct length.

We know our stock is about at rock bottom, more nunchaku are coming!!

Update 8/6/2016: We made a special trip to the warehouse and have New cocobolo stock!  The cocobolo nunchaku has some great pulp markings in the grain and will have a variety of lengths to choose from this time around.

Nunchaku Summer work shop updates

Nunchaku Summer Work Shop News

media2-meditating Well summer is here in the north east.  We have been getting our shop time in and hunting new wood stock for our nunchaku, which has been difficult.  Some times of the year it is very hard to find good stock in the exotic woods.  Typically I will get a call from one of the local wholesaler to come out and have a look at the new stock.  I’ll be going this week to a new location hunting some cocobolo and hopefully some more bloodwood.

Right now in the shop we have red oak and blood wood being cut.  We will be featuring a new bulk item for martial arts schools.  These will be red oak nunchaku sold in packs of 15 for instructors to sell in their schools.  These will be priced at a discount and sold to martial arts schools.  I’m hoping to have a number of these packs ready to go in the next few weeks.

Please check out our new “How to String Nunchaku” article.  This will hopefully provide you with the needed information on how to re string your nunchaku

We will also be featuring the smaller lengths for younger students and people with smaller hands.  These will be in various lengths shorter than the standard 12 inches.

Please follow us on twitter and face book for current updates and news on when the new nunchaku will be released.  Everyone have a wonderful start to your summer and stay cool.



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