Purpleheart  Nunchaku

Purpleheart  Nunchaku

Purple Heart Nunchaku
9-12″ Straight Octagon
Approx: 14 oz
650 para-cord, Black
Made in USA

purple heart hardwood

Purple Heart Hardwood LATIN: PELTOGYNE PANICULATA  ORIGIN: CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA Purpleheart is an exotic wood with mechanical properties of the wood are reported to lie somewhere between those of Greenheart and Oak. It is reported to have exceptional tolerance for shock loading. Purpleheart is reported to be highly desired by hobbyists and craftsmen who … Read more

Chain linked Speed Chucks

Chain linked Speed Chucks As we hit the dog days of summer in 2017 the shop is finishing out the Dragon Fly run of nunchaku to end the first part of the season.  With the introduction of our chain linked nunchaku this summer, we wanted to add to the mix with some cool variations from … Read more

Nunchaku News May 2017

Nunchaku News May 2017 Moving all our Nunchaku to the three Rope Tie The three rope tie method will be the norm for all nunchaku coming out of our store from May 2017 forward.  The 660 para cord colors are expanding too,  Summer 2017 will see reflective para cord and glow in the dark para … Read more

History of the Nunchaku

The nunchaku (Japanese: ヌンチャク Hepburn: nunchaku?, often “nunchuks “, “num-chuk”, “danger sticks”, “juan-tuo”, “chuka sticks’”[1] or “chainsticks” in English) is a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected at one end by a short chain or rope. Used by Okinawan nobles,[citation needed] it was not a historically popular weapon because it was … Read more

2019 Start of Summer Sale

The summer solstice has arrived! It’s the longest day of the year and what a great time to use all that extra daylight to practice your nunchaku skills. We have marked down the red Oak, White Ash and Purple Heart straight octagon nunchaku 9-12 inches as well as some other sale items listed below. These … Read more

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