Nunchaku Shop Update 8-14-2020

Nunchaku Shop Update

This is just a quick update on the American Nunchaku Co shop status during this Covid 19 Shutdown. We have a good stock of almost all the hardwoods and materials we use. We have a limited staff in place and are still open Monday – Thursday. Because we are an online store and our wood shops are not public, the crisis does not effect our overall production. The shop has been extremely busy over the last 5 months since the first shut down and our turn around has increased a bit to an estimated 5-8 days (m-f) depending on the order and quantities.

USPS shipping times have increased slightly due to their own problems internally so keep in mind that UPS shipping is also available.

Stuck Inside?

What a great time to practice your nunchaku skills! We are all going to have to find ways to past the time as we wait this out. We Also encourage everyone to obey their local rules and guidelines.

Limited Office Hours.

We are always here to help answer your questions about our nunchaku. The best way to contact us through the week is via email or our contact page from the web site. Our office phone support may be limited in the coming weeks.

New Shop Items

Best Nunchucks in the World

Cocobolo Nunchaku 2020-049
Handmade Nunchaku

If you are reading this page the odds are you are looking for the best nunchucks in the world. You have come to the right place. 20 years ago we started making custom crafted, handmade nunchaku to use in our martial arts studies. The idea was based on having a martial arts weapon that was personal to the user and not some generic soulless cookie cutter product from a factory overseas. The other concept was to have a martial arts weapon be made in America with only American materials. While the exotic hardwood tree is grown in other countries, we only buy hardwoods from American hardwood importers and dealers. People all over the world study martial arts with a passion. It is more than a sport and in many cases it is a way of life. The study of any martial art is a life changing positive experience. We simply believe that the tools you use to do that study of these arts should have a special and personal connection to it’s user.

Here at American Nunchaku Co we make real nunchaku or serious martial arts and free style users who want something more than a cheap imported item. If you are looking for the best nunchaku in the world, we are the beginning and end to that search. We are absolutely hated by the import outlets that sell martial arts supplies because we do what they can not. We sell handmade nunchaku, custom made and strung by real martial artists. This site is best viewed on a tablet or computer to display all the different nunchaku that we offer. GO TO SHOP PAGE

Over the years we have expanded our hardwood selection that is second to none. and we offer size options you will simply not find at the karate outlet online store. The best part of it all is that they are all still handmade nunchaku.

The Nunchaku, what is it really called?

One of the biggest problems with finding the best nunchucks in the world is the same problem with finding anything these days, knowing what to call the thing you are looking for. There may not be another item on the planet with more names all describing the same thing. The nunchaku (Japanese: ヌンチャク Hepburnnunchaku, often “nunchuks“, “chainsticks” “chuka sticks] or “karate sticks” in English . Other variations like Numb sticks, chucks, numchucks, and Tabak-Toyok The real most correct term to describe them is the Japanese word “Nunchaku” Many of the other English versions are just slang terms derived from movies and TV shows.

Best Nunchucks in the World
Handmade Nunchaku

Whatever word you used to get to this page, The more important part is that you also did in fact find the best nunchaku in the world. American Nunchaku Company makes handmade nunchaku right here in the United States. We offer the largest variety of the nunchaku and highest quality while still maintaining the best prices. We invite you to take some time and look at all the nunchaku we have and as always, if you need help picking the best nunchaku for you or you just can;t decide, please just drop us a note and we will be more than happy to help you in your quest for a quality real handmade custom crafted American Nunchaku. Other can try to claim it but we know it, the American Nunchaku Company is where you go to get the Best Nunchucks in the World.

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