Nunchaku News May 2017

Nunchaku News May 2017

Moving all our Nunchaku to the three Rope Tie

The three rope tie method will be the norm for all nunchaku coming out of our store from May 2017 forward.  The 660 para cord colors are expanding too,  Summer 2017 will see reflective para cord and glow in the dark para cord available on the nunchaku and in re string packs.

New Exotic woods

The new woods available are just fantastic.  East India Rosewood is the first.  It’s similar to cocobolo, hard dense and dark in color.  Redheart is our second new wood, the grain pattern is as good as it gets, it’s a good middleweight nunchaku wood.  katalox is our new heavy.  Dark in color with interesting pulp patterns it’s dense and heavy.  

The main base woods will use, red oak and ash will still be available as well as these new exotic woods.  Later this summer we will be releasing some other new exotic woods that should make for some great looking nunchaku. 

Memorial Day Weekend:  Pre release New Chain linked Nunchaku

They have finally arrived.  The chain linked nunchaku in red oak.  The pre release started this week running through the holiday weekend to kick off summer.  We are excited and proud to finally offer one of the most requested versions of the nunchaku. The first sets will be from red oak and soon this summer we will be releasing the nunchaku in Red heart, rosewood and cocobolo


New Nunchaku Stock

New Nunchaku Stock

New Nunchaku Stock
Off the drying strings and into be strung. Lots of cocobolo to choose from.

It will only be matter of days now.  Our new nunchaku stock will be complete.  All the new stock is dry and being strung.  We were waiting for some new colors of para-cord to arrive for the 2017 holiday batches.  It has been hot, the main woodshop doesn’t have AC, so when it’s 96 outside, it’s 115 inside.  While the heat has been uncomfortable, we scored some great pieces of bloodwood and cocobolo this time and we can’t wait to get them in the store for all to see.  We have smaller lengths and larger lengths of nunchaku in cocobolo, red oak, and bloodwood as well as the standard 12″ styles.

Stringing takes some time but we will be uploading them as fast as possible.  Unlike other stores, we have to take photos of each pair because the one you see is the one you get.  In the end it is all worth it.  Handmade martial arts nunchaku crafted in the USA.  Our nunchaku are a perfect gift for a martial artist.  Each one unique.  Each one an individual like the martial arts practitioner who uses them.  That is one of the great things about our nunchaku.  You will always know which is yours on your schools weapon rack. Cocobolo Nunchaku

Look for the new stock to hit the store around 8/30/16.  We will be sending out a newsletter or registered users on the arrival of our new stock  so sign up soon!  Also twitter and Facebook, Google plus will get the release.  This time due to the ever growing demand, we have already begun the next batch to ensure we can keep up with the holiday shopping season, but quantiles are limited in each batch so check the website often.

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