Nunchaku Summer work shop updates

Nunchaku Summer Work Shop News

media2-meditatingWell summer is here in the north east.  We have been getting our shop time in and hunting new wood stock for our nunchaku, which has been difficult.  Some times of the year it is very hard to find good stock in the exotic woods.  Typically I will get a call from one of the local wholesaler to come out and have a look at the new stock.  I’ll be going this week to a new location hunting some cocobolo and hopefully some more bloodwood.

Right now in the shop we have red oak and blood wood being cut.  We will be featuring a new bulk item for martial arts schools.  These will be red oak nunchaku sold in packs of 15 for instructors to sell in their schools.  These will be priced at a discount and sold to martial arts schools.  I’m hoping to have a number of these packs ready to go in the next few weeks.

Please check out our new “How to String Nunchaku” article.  This will hopefully provide you with the needed information on how to re string your nunchaku

We will also be featuring the smaller lengths for younger students and people with smaller hands.  These will be in various lengths shorter than the standard 12 inches.

Please follow us on twitter and face book for current updates and news on when the new nunchaku will be released.  Everyone have a wonderful start to your summer and stay cool.



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