Best Nunchucks in the World

Cocobolo Nunchaku 2020-049
Handmade Nunchaku

If you are reading this page the odds are you are looking for the best nunchucks in the world. You have come to the right place. 20 years ago we started making custom crafted, handmade nunchaku to use in our martial arts studies. The idea was based on having a martial arts weapon that was personal to the user and not some generic soulless cookie cutter product from a factory overseas. The other concept was to have a martial arts weapon be made in America with only American materials. While the exotic hardwood tree is grown in other countries, we only buy hardwoods from American hardwood importers and dealers. People all over the world study martial arts with a passion. It is more than a sport and in many cases it is a way of life. The study of any martial art is a life changing positive experience. We simply believe that the tools you use to do that study of these arts should have a special and personal connection to it’s user.

Here at American Nunchaku Co we make real nunchaku or serious martial arts and free style users who want something more than a cheap imported item. If you are looking for the best nunchaku in the world, we are the beginning and end to that search. We are absolutely hated by the import outlets that sell martial arts supplies because we do what they can not. We sell handmade nunchaku, custom made and strung by real martial artists. This site is best viewed on a tablet or computer to display all the different nunchaku that we offer. GO TO SHOP PAGE

Over the years we have expanded our hardwood selection that is second to none. and we offer size options you will simply not find at the karate outlet online store. The best part of it all is that they are all still handmade nunchaku.

The Nunchaku, what is it really called?

One of the biggest problems with finding the best nunchucks in the world is the same problem with finding anything these days, knowing what to call the thing you are looking for. There may not be another item on the planet with more names all describing the same thing. The nunchaku (Japanese: ヌンチャク Hepburnnunchaku, often “nunchuks“, “chainsticks” “chuka sticks] or “karate sticks” in English . Other variations like Numb sticks, chucks, numchucks, and Tabak-Toyok The real most correct term to describe them is the Japanese word “Nunchaku” Many of the other English versions are just slang terms derived from movies and TV shows.

Best Nunchucks in the World
Handmade Nunchaku

Whatever word you used to get to this page, The more important part is that you also did in fact find the best nunchaku in the world. American Nunchaku Company makes handmade nunchaku right here in the United States. We offer the largest variety of the nunchaku and highest quality while still maintaining the best prices. We invite you to take some time and look at all the nunchaku we have and as always, if you need help picking the best nunchaku for you or you just can;t decide, please just drop us a note and we will be more than happy to help you in your quest for a quality real handmade custom crafted American Nunchaku. Other can try to claim it but we know it, the American Nunchaku Company is where you go to get the Best Nunchucks in the World.

American Handmade Nunchaku

American Handmade Nunchaku

Given the choice wouldn’t you rather buy American Handmade Nunchaku than a nunchaku with no soul? all of our martial arts weapons are made one at a time by martial artists. we don’t buy them over seas or from a big warehouse store. We think this makes them special and unique. This gives the weapon the character that the user possesses.

Handmade vs Robot made

USA Nunchaku is not a warehouse in China, or a large manufacturing factory. USA Nunchaku Co. is a small American company making handmade nunchaku from 100% American materials in our small workshop. We make handmade nunchaku in different shapes and sizes in small batches, each featuring a selection of various hardwoods. While they do cost a bit more than a $9 Chinese “chuck in a bag”, our nunchaku are Handmade and each one of a kind.

Stop in and check out the store, your perfect nunchaku is waiting for a spin. If you have any questions or need help picking the perfect nunchaku for your training, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and we will be more than happy to help out with your choice or any other information you may need.

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U Swivel Chain Linked Nunchaku

We have been making nunchaku by hand for 20 years.  In that time the number one request has always been handmade u Swivel chain linked nunchaku.  To do it right, we had to go back in time and skip the cheap imported barely metal versions of this classic martial arts weapon. We are proud to present our  Tapered Octagon U Swivel  Chain linked Nunchaku.  Just like our woods, the metal and all the parts are 100% American made.  It’s tried and true design that gives smooth flow to the nunchaku.   We think they are the best chain nunchaku made today and we invite you check them out.  We have a number of different models in play at the moment.  The cocobolo’s are all one of a kind and will be re listed as they made.  We are giving the option to change the amount of chain links used and have a number of different hardwoods and lengths available.

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  • Diameter: Tapered 1 1/8″ to 1″
  • U- Swivel & Chain:  High carbon steel  375 lb test 100% American made ( 5 links plus swivel spanning 4.5″ from base to base)
  • Overall Length: 12″
  • Weight approx  14 oz.

Curly Maple Sale

Curly Maple Nunchaku Sale

Curly Maple Nunchaku Sale We will be continuing our curly maple nunchaku sale through the weekend!  Stop by the site to check out all the curly maple nunchaku we have in stock in various sizes.  This is the last of the curly maple stock and will not re visited until early Summer.

This is a great lighter weight nunchaku perfect for form practice.  They will take a beating and have the wonderful curly maple figuring in the wood grain.  Like all our nunchaku these are 100% made in the USA, hand cut sanded and finished.

Sale runs Till Midnight April 2nd.

Welcoming in a Nunchaku New Year

Welcoming in a Nunchaku New Year

Now welcoming in a nunchaku new year Well it has been a crazy year in America.  As it comes to a close we want to thank everyone who has made USA Nunchaku grow this year.  I have been making these nunchaku for 20 years now.  It all started in a friend’s garage next to my 2nd Apartment during the first years of my Kung fu training.  In 1997 selling things on the internet was still a bit advanced but I was able to pull it off for a select few.  Now welcoming in a nunchaku new year for  2017 to all our customers all over the world is something we are proud to do.

This year America is likely going to change.  A number of years ago we set out to be an American company who wanted to make our product here in the United States with people and materials that were made here as well.  I can promise you as this idea catches on with other American businesses this year we will continue to do our part and always take the American worker, product or company first.  It matters to everyone we serve and to us as we make our American Nunchaku that even in a small way we help make the change back to a time when “made in USA” meant everything. Now welcoming in a nunchaku new year

Great News for chain fans!

After a long research and development process  I’m excited and proud to announce that 2017 will be the year USA Nunchaku co. starts making our first run of chain linked nunchaku.  They are going to be something special.  We have gone to great lengths to make a new product that we hope will become the rebirth of a long forgotten style of nunchaku made with quality in America.  All signs point to A February release date, make sure to sign up for our news letter to get the latest information on when they are ready. 

On Behalf of USA Nunchaku have a Great and Happy New Year!



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